You can never be sure what the future has in store for you. But when you pick a User Friendly Insurance Software like Bimamitra, you can be sure future only promises good things and never worry about future. Bimamitra is best of the best Insurance Software in Life Insurance Industry in India..
Mr. R. K. Shetty Corporate Club/TOT, MDRT(USA), Br. 908
Though I have other insurance softwares installed at my place, I prefer only Bimamtira to take care of my Plan presentations. It's outstanding Plan Presentations helped me sell 44,862 policies in a single financial year (2009-10). Service is excellent & updations are swift.
Mr. Chetankumar Desai Corporate Club Agent, Br. 91Q
It's one of the best LIC software with many inbuilt & innovative features. Economical & the most user friendly.
Mr. Milind R. Walawalkar Dev. Officer, Br. 91R
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