Differentiate Yourself

In this global environment you need to be very professional to meet the current market requirements. As an Insurance Agent one need to be very organized to compete with the rest. For that you should represent yourself differently to excel in Insurance Industry.

Your ideas have no limits. Allow your creativeness to blossom in a way that you could differentiate yourself from the rest. Be different. Make Difference.

Surely, Bimamitra accompanies you throughout your Goal towards becoming a force in Insurance industry.

Time Efficiency

Bimamitra greatly reduces the amount of time and effort you need to spend in non-sales related activities and also increases the efficiency of your sales.

Each of the features has been carefully designed keeping your requirements in mind. This has resulted in a product which dramatically improves your efficiency and productivity and therefore, gives you more time and energy which you can then concentrate on selling.

Impressive Prospecting

In today’s competitive world, it has become very important to present the customer with customized and well laid-out insurance presentations to assist them in making the right decision and choosing the right insurance product. Bimamitra assists you in the task of preparing customized reports for your customers and help you in closing the sale effectively.

Professional Presentations

They say, “First impression is the last impression”. Bimamitra’s well printed presentation with exact calculations does the same for you. Bimamitra has flexibility that allows your presentation to suit the client’s needs. Present your plan including / excluding the features you want to provide to your client so that you can highlight the right areas only. Very user friendly interface and fast processing allows your presentation get ready in a flash thus saving your valuable time.

Advanced & Efficient Reporting

Attractive and well laid report formats. Marketing presentations are supplemented with colorful charts. Reports can be exported to various useful formats such as MS-Word, Excel, Rich Text, HTML, etc. the user has a choice of different Letterhead styles with option of printing his logo too. Bimamitra helps you to generate over 200 reports through which you can handle the policy servicing of your customer in the most professional manner possible. These reports cover practically every aspect of a policy, right from proposal to maturity.

Bimamitra has all the reports an Insurance agent would require in his/her daily working. Reports such as Policy Register, Policy Status, Monthly Premium due statement, Commission Outstanding, Loan/Surrender Policy, Birthday/ Anniversary List etc. can be generated in just a click increasing the efficiency. Ability to enhance your report by formatting it’s color, font to highlight the important calculations is one of the unique feature of Bimamitra.

SMS & Email

More contacts you have, more is the probability of growing your business. Since you have to built good rapport with every prospective customer as well as existing customer you need to keep in touch with them all the time. It is not possible for an agent to approach each individual personally but nevertheless you can be in touch with them through SMS/Email.

Bimamitra provides you with an enhanced tool of SMS which helps you to approach your clients in quick time with lesser efforts. You can schedule standard processes such as sending intimations related to premium, maturity, survival benefit, Birthday/Anniversary wishing, Festival wishes, etc. and then leave it to Bimamitra to automatically send the intimations by SMS to your respective policy holders.

Now state-of-art insurance management solution is at you fingertips. To experience the ease and convenience of using this incredible software all you have to do is contact us. Our representative will come over to provide demonstrations at a time and place convenient to you.
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